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12 months on the line I think it's dirtystain time to pencil and paper ( metaphorically) and asked the public events such a profound effect on my life. First, let me tell you, in the background. I am a housewife of 52 years, in my second marriage with three children, all of my first marriage. My two men, well, quite common in the bed frames. You know - one or two times a week, and no little imagination, not really interested enough in my needs and desires. But to be fair they have dirtystain never pushed for anything and thought it was the way it was for most people. Then the wedding of my youngest son was my whole life upside down! He and his wife are living and working in Guildford and the wedding was to be in the local church. The reception was at the Holiday Inn, and, along with the rest of my family, willing to stay there on Friday and Saturday night Therefore, for the big day (in more ways than one ). The wedding was beautiful. the Church made ​​me mourn service - even the groom's mother, right? And the reception was very good - interesting short speeches, good food and lots and lots of wine. And this was what led to the chain of events that ultimately led me to an amazing life changing experience The reception ended at four of the clock and then we had this terrible vacuum of 2-3 hours before disco the night. They were all very drunk and grateful for the opportunity to escape, to sleep in their rooms a little before night. My husband went back, but I talked to my sister for a while and was left behind. When we finished talking I was alone. Do not worry, I knew the room was - Room 236 - and I knew how to get there, though a bit of a maze of corridors. I have no key, so that recognized my husband beat me The door opened, and to my surprise as a whole, all I could see the insideand were a bunch of men in various stages of undress. dirtystain I was going to go fast, but the man who opened the door was no longer say, 'Okay, you can join us if you want to be, you are very welcome. ' Now came the decisive moment in my life - I stopped, turned, saw what was happening in that room, he looked up and down the hall to see if anyone knew me, looked back to the room ! realized there was another woman there, took a deep breath, and went Of course, it was the drink - I would never have thought of doing something so stupid when sober - but also the realization of a fantasy I had held dirtystain for perhaps 25 years! When I entered the room, I was trembling with emotion. I did not know what would happen, but I knew I had to. There was no confusion - it was quickly filled with some of the men, and the dress - a dress I bought very expensive, especially for my sons wedding - is quickly unzipped to aª down around my waist. A pair of hands around me, my breasts slipped out of my bra and pulling my nipples. At the same time, two other men went to my dress and stroked me through my underwear. I could feel his cock pushing behind me in my ass and reached around instinct, and put in my hand and grabbed the biggest cock I had ever felt (based on my experience alone, merely my two husbands ). The other woman - who had moved about 30 years old, tall, slim and very attractive to me and put his arm around me. She whispered that she was glad I had when I did not think I could handle alone, all men were shot. 'There should be only five,' he said, 'but there are a dozen here. ' It turned out that I had reserved, gang bang by an agency in the afternoon. An agency of the girls gang bang! Protected in my life I never thought something dirtystain like this could exist. to the extent that I felt likeHands under my dress off her panties and I felt almost embarrassed when I realized that I am totally immersed. Usually requires a lot of stimulation from my husband, but after today I have only entered a few minutes. It has not gone unnoticed, there were some comments of men stroking my pussy. Suddenly, I felt the fingers in me and gave me a very strong cry that seemed to be a lot of them greatly appreciated. They began to insult me ​​- bitch, bitch, bitch slut, etc. - and that made me go. I realized that was exactly what I was - and I loved every second. The dress slid to the floor and there I was - completely naked in a room full of men who wanted all of them, of course, do all sorts of wonderfully dirty things with me. I pushed on dirtystain my knees and a big dick shoved in my face. I opened my mouth and starts sucking for all he was worth. It was wonderful and tasted completely different from my husband. He could feel his hands between my legs and suddenly hit me from behind. God, I felt so fucking awesome and I felt myself begin to shake uncontrollably. Without dirtystain actual notice to all - - it had suddenly occurred to the largest, strongest and longest orgasm I ever had. He seemed to go on and on and I was only vaguely aware of the men shouting and laughing at my reaction. In the middle of it also felt the cock in my mouth break out and shoot, as it seemed cum gallons in the throat and then down my face. fell to the ground, but I had the opportunity to relax, like my legs were expelled from a cock pushed into me. Instinctively, I began to move and in no time I was conscious again in full swing, this time fully what was happening and fully enjoy. She grabbed my cock with both hands, lick and suck back all the time complaining and shouting obscenities, something I had never done before. To my delight, two men dirtystain arrived at the totalIn the same shoot cum on me, followed closely by the man who followed me, dammit. It was then that the idea came to mind for having unprotected sex, but was too far away to worry about it. After all, was my age will dirtystain probably never be a problem. And he did. It seemed that every one of them I had in one way or another, but the other girls always had their share. Another milestone was passed when placed on each side on the bed as fuck. She leaned forward and began to finger my clit. Now dirtystain I had never fantasized about other women, but when I saw what he was doing, he immediately began to arrive and actually got enough, dirtystain and the long kiss on the mouth. Yes, tongues and all. to return soon, a kind of reason, and I realized that my absence was noted in the wedding if I do not hurry and vice versa. He looked at dirtystain my watch, I was horrified to see that last more than two dirtystain hours. fightFar from the mass of the people around me I could not dirtystain find my clothes and staggered to the bathroom to remove. Somehow I got dressed and did something for my makeup and hair, although it seemed bathed in dried milk. Despite protests from all my new friends I have spoken, I had to go and slid down the door of a very suspicious when I looked up and down the aisle. But where was I? Then I realized my mistake - the room dirtystain had not been 226 236. I quickly ran the short distance to the place and knocked on the door. God, I was very scared - I knew I looked like a disaster and how you might explain that to my husband? The door opened and a sleepy voice said some time ago - was in the chat? Yes, I said and now I'm busting down the toilet. I walked past him and dived for the protection of the bathroom. 'I think I'll take a shower,' I exclaimed, ' I get up in the cool night. ' When I arrived 10 minutes later he fell asleep in the tthe bed. Will the evening was a success, although I admit I had dirtystain my mind on other things. I was the life of the dirtystain party and seemed to be very popular with my son's friends - maybe my thoughts were shining through. I had a slight moment of panic when my sister told me that seemed perched on a total area, but that just put the fact that it was the wedding of my son. God dirtystain - the wedding of my son - and I attended a gangbang at the wedding of my son. It is horrible or what. No, it is not - it made ​​me very, very happy and totally changed my life. Yeah, it changed my life. When we got home I realized there was something new in my life and could never boring life now in the last 25 years was started. Through the Internet I am in contact with some local men - even locals do not want people to know, to know - and now I have to do it at least once a month. Oh, and dogging - now there's a wonderful kitchenby. I know I'm a slut, a whore, a cumslut, all dirtystain these things - dirtystain but I love Oh yeah, and another thing!. A few weeks later I was checking my phone to a picture that I had. Now keep in mind that I am a woman and photos with a cell phone is not something that comes easy to me, so I do not very often. So I was totally surprised, a picture of my half-naked with other men around me and find another naked woman next to me. Yes, you guessed it, one of the men had actually found my phone in my pocket, took a picture of the process and then back again, without telling me. God knows what would have happened if my husband had found. But it has given me a very special album of this wonderful day, my life changed completely available. dirtystain
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